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£125 Minimum Order Value Required.
£125 Minimum Order Value Required.

Bike It Motorcycle Pizza Delivery Top Box XL 107L - 53 x 53 x 38 cm

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The Bike It Motorcycle Courier Delivery Box is a multi-functional top box, which allows for safe transport and storage of takeaways and groceries alike. For example, it can hold up to 7x (20") pizzas!

With its thick corrugated walls, base and roof, it's durably designed to keep the contents safe, warm and well protected from the elements. Further enhanced with its easy-to-use closure, making it quick and convenient to access too.

Pre-drilled holes in the base allow the system to be easily adapted to fit onto any rack/plate with minimal fuss to any motorcycle/scooter or bicycle!

Box dimensions:

Length - 530mm / 53cm
Width - 530mm / 53cm
Height - 380mm / 38cm
Capacity - 107 Litres
Weight 1750g
Material Thickness 5mm