Ride Week View

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Ride Week View is a configurable diary screen that displays all the rides for the week,  plus a Week Summary section.  BikeIT allows you to choose the day of the week that you start your training cycle on by selecting the weekday from the Start Day Of Week combo on the Owner Details - Systems Defaults screen.  To edit an existing Ride, double click on the diary entry, and the data entry screen shall load the Ride clicked on.  The summary section tells you the Total Events (number of rides), Total distance, Total Time, Average Speed, Maximum Speed, Average Time per Ride and Average Distance per Ride.
Ride Search

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This system has many strengths, but real thought has gone into the requirement that you should be able to view and analyse you data that you entered.  To help you analyse your data, BikeIT allows you to search for rides.   The Ride Search screen, searches for data by classification and by date and then displays and summarises the data.  To edit an Ride in the results, double click on the diary entry, and the data entry screen shall load the Ride clicked on.
Ride Milestones

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You may view training and a lot of small projects, with different goals and milestones.  BikeIT, allows you to set up milestones that can be tracked with progress calculated against the goal as a whole and in proportion to your end date.  The Milestones can also be graphed in the Ride Graph and the Ride Graph Pro, so that you can really follow your progress.
Gear Chart

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With BikeIT, you can enter the gear that you have trained in.   This information is used by BikeIT to calculate the average cadence for the ride.
Ride Calculator

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BikeIT includes the Ride Calculator.  This gives you the opportunity to look at what gear and cadence you require to attain a race result.   This is extremely useful if you train for time trials.

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