Ride data entry is where you capture the details of your rides.   Depending on the level required by you, you may capture basic ride details, and then classify the ride by ride type, terrain, quality, heart rate zone, weather and many more.  Today may be a training ride or a race.  The terrain varies from course to course.  It could be wet and cold so you may be on your trainer.  BikeIT allows you to capture as much or as little detail as you wish.  But with the powerful graphs and reporting in BikeIT, all of the data is available for useful analysis.

There are three levels of software catered for by BikeIT. Each level is basically defined by the level of ride detail that you can capture in that version or level of the software.  Each level allows the owner to log and study the details of their riding at their own level.  The level of detail increases from Bronze to Gold.   Bronze is the simplest level allowing sufficient detail to help study your training through to a level that should allow you to begin to race if you wish to.  The level of the Silver software increases the detail a little further to contain basic weather and heart rate zone data. Gold, for the serious athlete, extends the heart rate data, race results, gearing details and interval training.  For full explanation of each screen see

In the future we aim to capture full ride details via interfaces from such items as Heart Rate Monitors.

Note that the system can be upgraded at any time without loss of data.