Welcome to BikeIT - Training Diary.  Three years of research and analysis went into the development of this system, before a single line of code was written.  The absolute strength of this product is that you may put in as much or as little information and detail as you want.  It is your choice.  This product has been designed by cyclists as a tool for the tracking and analysis of their training and built by experienced computer professionals.

A training diary has fundamental data requirements to make it a useful tool but each rider has different analytical and reporting requirements.  Riders are classified into three basic groups:

The key to improving as a rider is to train both your strengths and weaknesses.   By keeping a meaningful training diary that holds the details of your rides and that allows you to analyse your data, you will begin to see very quickly where your training blind spots are.

A deliberate omission from this software is any form of coaching algorithms. Why? Because that is what a coach does.  A good coach will know when you are over or under-trained, when to start or stop speed work.  A coach will be able to explain to you subtle techniques for hill climbing, the art of soft pedalling and which wheel to follow in a sprint. A piece of software trying to act as a coach would be superficial at best.

BikeIT provides you with a means to look at your training from different perspectives, to analyse it graphically and see exactly where your weaknesses are. With BikeIT you may classify and analyse your training, creating the level of detail that you require.

What about you.  You vary, as a person every day.  Resting and waking heart rate rise and fall.  Weight and body fat levels fluctuate.  Sleeping patterns change.  With BikeIT you may track and analyse your personal data. You may even graphically compare your personal and riding data.

To help you, BikeIT allows you to set goals and milestones for both yourself and for your riding. The system will track, graph and report upon your milestones.

As IT professionals what we required was a system that was simple to use, low key-stroke, fast and provided powerful analysis. The system had to be thorough, robust and sophisticated. More importantly it had to be developed in a way that allowed future enhancements. BikeIT gives you this.

For the future, we have a road map:

BikeIT is a fully 32 bit application written to take full advantage of Windows 95/98, XP and NT.  The software is fully Y2K compliant and has passed stress testing with over thirty years of data.


This product has been tested with Windows XP.