The BikeIT help system has been professionally written and edited.  There is nothing worse than having a great system that is poorly documented.  We have attempted to remove the frustration's involved in working with a poorly documented system by providing a high quality help system.

Point Help Every BikeIT screen and most specific screen objects have been defined and cross referenced in the help system.
Contents Help BikeIT Help has been logically and intelligently layed out so that the information is like a well designed book.
Index Help Every BikeIT screen and object has been indexed and cross referenced.
Glossary A thorough glossary of terms has been added to the BikeIT help system.
Quick Help The menu system of BikeIT has quick help references that take you exactly to where you need to go in the help.  Just by selecting from the Help menu, you can instantly go to information on topics such as Getting Started, Ride, Owner, Classification, Graphs and Reports.