BikeIT is a professionally developed product.  As professional software developers, our aim was to produce a training diary that is a robust, fast and fully featured system.  In an attempt to provide the most secure environment possible, we have developed the system using an industry standard, high profile fully relational database engine. We shall keep your hard work safe by keeping your data safe.  To help do this, we have given you the following four database administration tools.

Database Compaction

It provides the ability to regain space from data fragmentation. There are two benefits to compacting your database regularly: freeing up hard disk memory and improving data access times.
Database Backup It is good practice to backup your databases regularly. BikeIT stores the history of your backups. You may add notes to your backup history through the Database Restore screen.  Note that the backups are placed in a directory called Backup.   These files can be restored through the BikeIT system or manually by following the instructions in the Help.  The files that are created should ideally be copied to a floppy disk and kept separately from your system.
Database Restore If there is a problem with your data and it cannot be repaired, then there is the option to restore a previous backup up version of your database. BikeIT stores the history of your backups. This is a simple task. Copy the database to the backup directory if you are rebuilding an image from floppy, then select the corresponding version from Restore table and click on the restore pushbutton.
Database Repair If there is a problem with your data, BikeIT includes the functionality to repair a database.

Note that during our stress test of BikeIT, we loaded BikeIT with thirty (30) years of data at seven (7) rides a week, every week.  We had no affect on performance and the database size was a small footprint of less than four (4) megabytes.

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